Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cleaning the bike with DAD!!

Jaxx loves to do what Daddy is doing doesn't matter what it is and if tools or anything is involved he is there 110%... It seriously melts my heart when they play together, I can't wait till Preston can get involved and be just like Daddy too!! (Oh and don't mind the PJ'S)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tu Tu

So the girls got these DARLING TuTu's from my sisters they made them for Christmas and Jaxx just loves them and loves to put them on so this morning he put it on and was dancing around with Trista and I tried to take his picture but he didnt like that to much but i still think its so cute!!

Preston 4 Months

I know I said it last time but TIME FLIES... I cant believe Preston in 4 months old.. He is getting so big and so FUN.. We love him so much, all of his laughs and smiles and coos and just is personality!! Preston mommy and daddy love you so much!!
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New Years!!!

So not only did I have a BIG Christmas dinner at my house this year, my sister and I got this CRAZY last minute idea that we wanted to have a New Years Party so we did.. Not very many people came but we made it a BLAST we have TONZ of Food, Games and just enjoying eachothers company was so fun!! Then the next day we had another party for the UFC Fight we are really big into that and everytime there is a fight everyone knows party is at Taylors so we really enjoyed the end of the year this year is was fun spending time with family and friends!! We love you all and Thank You so much for the fun times we have had, and we wish you all and VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
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Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was ALOT of work.. Shopping for 4 kids is hard!! But totally worth it in the end.. We had such a fun time the kids opening presents and seeing how excited they got.. The best part was Jaxx telling us every time he would open clothes he wanted up to "PUT IT BACK" he wanted NOTHING to do the the clothes just the toys!! The girls loved there Scooters and couldn't have been happier.. Thanks SANTA!! and Preston was a trooper... After we opened presents my parents and sister came over to see what the kids got, then we went to my brothers and looked at what they got, that is a family tradition I guess that we do. It's fun to see what every one got!! Then for Christmas this year the big dinner was at MY HOUSE and I am so upset because with everything going on planning dinner setting tables up getting it all ready I didn't get ONE pictures I realized that night no one took any.. It was kinda a crazy night so we just have the memorie to remember it was alot of fun, but I think next year I won't be volunteering to so it again!! Will wait a couple years!! I just want to say thanks to all my family that came we had a BLAST and I loved it so much...

Trista is NOW 10 WOW!!!!

Trista made and decorated her own cake she was so happy.. Her mom and Aunties wrote alittle something on there for her.. She was alittle embarrased.. WE LOVE YOU TRISTA!!!

Trista had her birthday on December 23 she turned 10 I can not believe how fast they grow up!! This year we just had a little family party with cake and ice cream, but she got spoiled with LOTS of presents and he favorite new hobby that my grandma taught her is to make beanies she loves it!!!