Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day at the PARK

The girls were helpin mom out and took the boys down to the park to play, it was a nice break for mom and the boys LOVED it.. Thanks girls I love you so much!!
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The FUN begins...
1st Bite.. He thinks its ok
YEAH! He likes it..
Still going STRONG!!
He did SOO good he ate the whole bowl of cereal I made so lets hope he keeps that up!!

Ash just learned how to Frenchbraid her own hair and she did such a good job... Love Ya Ash...
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Day of hanging with the cousins.. They always have so much fun when they get together, this time it involved sunglasses and dancing!! I just love these kids!
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Happy Anniversary

WOW... I love this guy MORE then anything, we have been through good times,bad times and everything in between, BUT they have made us SOO much STRONGER we have come together as ONE and I wouldn't change anything.. Babe I love more then you know and ALWAYS will..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1st Hair Cut

The fun begins, Preston wasn't to sure of what was going on. I was worried of how he would do if he would still still or want to get up...
Still doing GOOD

Ok getting restless so Auntie Ash found the hair dryer and oh did he LOVE that, he sat there and just turned in on and off and let if blown all over him!


Look how HANDSOME!!

So proud of you Press you did such a good JOB!!

Sister Time

My sister and I have always been really close, so it was really good to have her here she came and stayed for 2 weeks! It was a Blast we had so much fun together I didn't want time to end, I didn't want her to go, expecially because I didn't know when I would see her again, our lives both get so busy and CRAZY so hopefully we can do it again SOON... I LOVE YOU SIS!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turning 11

Trista turned 11 this year, she is so excited she is getting older. We did cake and ice cream with the family. Trista really enjoyed herself from makin her cake with cupcakes to getting her FAVORITE blanket made my grami and smelly nail polish which her and the girls painted on Unlce Ericks fingers. I think she made out pretty good and had a GREAT time... Thanks to all who came it was fun!!
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UH OH....

Preston found the BRA
Oh what to do with IT...
(Wish my belly was that cute!)
YES.. Got one arm

UH OH....

GOT IT!!!!

Ok that wasn't SOOO fun... Onto something else


Love this boy he is always SOOO Happy!! It makes for a happy Mommy!!
Just hanging out...