Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday

Treyson Frei Taylor July 21,2010 5lbs 12oz 18in.. WOW what a day that was! It was the day I brought this lil sweet spirit into the world. Trey, mommy and daddy love you more then you will ever know, you have been such a JOY and a BLESSING in our lives. You are always smiling and bringing Happiness wherever you may be, so many memories have already been made, can't wait to make many more and see you grow every year!! Remember ALWAYS, WE LOVE YOU!!!
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Like I have said I can't believe my baby is 1, time really is getting faster!! This is Treys birthday cake on his birthday the REAL cake is to come... But I do have to say he did better at this then I thought I didn't think he would want anything to do with it at all, but with some help he was ok with it... Pics to come of his birthday party!!!
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Birthday Donut

The famous Birthday Donut. Grami always brings the kids a Texas Donut on there birthday!! Normally my boys dont really want anything to do with it because it will get them dirty and they dont like to be dirty, BUT no way not this lil man he was all over it and ate almost the whole thing with the help of his brothers.. THANKS GRAMI LOVE YOU!!
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Dress Up

Grami is the Music Leader in Primary and has to much fun with it she uses this dress up stuff to make it more fun, the girls wanted to dress up

 Trista.. Love the hair
 Ashlie.. Nice hat, but the tongue is the best part
 and now they got the boys to dress up and.....
One thing leads to another.. We are a crazy bunch and I love every minute of it!!!!

Cool Glasses

Preston will wear any glasses, anytime, anywhere. He does not like the sun in his eyes.. Good thing he looks like a STUD when he has them on, even if they are PINK 


Papa got his hair cut and thought it would be funny to style it like the boys and come suprise!! They thought it was so cool..

 and of course MOM has one to!!
Thanks Papa you are a good sport!! LOVE YOU


These two just have so much fun together and ALWAYS have to be with one another..


Alittle late YES... Ashlies birthday was in May and I am just not gettin arond to posting it..  Sorry Ash I do love you!!!  So for her birthday this year we just did a Family with Friends Swim Party!

Final touch the Cake.. I wanted to suprise Ash with a Peace Sign cake but I wanted it to be different so we made it out of cupcakes, that I have to say was the funnest part of the whole thing was making, icing and decorating the cake.. Thanks so much to Dad, Grami and Papa for all your help in making this work out!!!


I went into check on Trey while he was sleeping and this is what I found..

He is so silly, there is always something new with him.. I love you TREY


Tryin out the tent in the house!! The kids LOVED this they thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a tent set up in the house..

 All Snuggled in the Sleeping Bag, they didnt want to get out..

 Daddy loves snuggling with the boys

Time has come to an end, time to get out

A day at Papa & Grami's

The boys love love love to put up the pool and just play all day running back and forth from on thing to another, they play so good together, of course they each have there moments..

Jaxx LOVES being in water, JUST as long as it doesn't get on his head..

Handsome boys

This kid always has a SMILE on his face

Not to sure of what to think of me takin his picture

Ash enjoying her book

Love them both SOOOO much

Trista making her Button Bracelet


Trista and her friend wanted to make some extra money so they put together a Lemonade Stand.. Them made homemade Sugar Cookies and different kind of Lemonade for people to have there choice of what they wanted..

 I was so proud of the both of them to even think of sitting out side in the dead heat of the day, but they did great they made $30.00! They said they wanna do it again just when it cools down alittle!!