Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scotts Birthday

5:30 and this is what he woke up oh his way to go to the Gym..
It was alittle squishy the car ride over..

OK P.S. So me and my daughter Ash were trying to be sneeky and decorate the inside of Scotts truck and get it all done the night before. Scott was inside with the kids watchin a movie and I told him we had to run an errand real fast, WELL I guess an HOUR later, me not answering my phone cause it was in the MY car, Aunie Ash with us just laughing and having FUN, of course we got CAUGHT!!!!!  He heard a noise outside that sounded like his TRUCK door he came out to see what it was and YES it was US.. But I wouldn't let him look till we were all DONE....  He was a little mad........................ and I made him keep it in there till the next morning on his BIRTHDAY!! 

Heading out to go to dinner at Made in Brazil, it was YUMMY!!

While we were GONE
 The kids wanted to make dad a Suprise Cake
 There friend Ashley helping them, don't those look SOO GOOD
 Frosting Time
When we got home they had ALL the lights off and the candles were lite and they were singing Happy Birthday when we walked through the door!! They did such a good JOB... Thanks GIRLS and BOYS we love you so much, Dad had a GREAT Birthday thanks to YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Shavin with Dad

Now its Prestons turn to Shave with Dad!

 All lathered UP Ready to GO....
 Not sure about it
 Holding his lip up just like DAD
All DONE and still doesn't really know what to THINK!!