Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Weeks and COUNTING!!!

You know the saying is true you start to show sooner with every kid!!! I don't think I started showing with Jaxx till I was like 5 months and then Preston sooner and now this one really 3 months!! It's crazy how the body works and nows what is to come.

Preston 5 Months

WOW I know I say this everytime but really he is already 5 MONTHS!!
So fun facts about Preston:
* He weighs 18lbs. 8oz.
* He is in size 3 diapers
* Wears 9 months clothes and 12 month onesies
* Finally sleeps in his bed all night long
* Takes 2-3 naps a day
* Loves to bounce in his Bouncer
* Loves his DADDY
* Laughs so hard and smiles when Jaxx talks to him
* Most important can't wait to be a BIG brother...

Rice Cereal

So about a week ago I decided to try Preston on cereal. He loves to sit in the high chair and play and just watch everythin so that was not a problem. It started out great, then when he started to taste it he DID NOT like it at all! Then everytime I would try to give it to him he would get this really sad face and start cryin, he really didn't like it, but it didn't suprise me because Jaxx hated it!!! But we did try Applesause and Sweet Potatoes and he LIKES those!!!
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Snack Buddies!!

Like FATHER like SON... Jaxx loves to do what daddy does or eat what daddy eats!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So who would have thought that when you first start wanting kids you take all the steps starting with going to the doctor and getting checked out and the doctor tells you that you probably won't ever be able to have kids. Yes that is the worst news I think any person who has waited there whole life to have kids could be told.. Well with many tests and fertility treatments and medicines I was blessed with 2 wonderful boys who are so perfect in every way and have just been a blessing in my life! BUT wait YES we are having #3 and we did it all on our own, it was a total shock not planned in any way, but the best part is I did it by myself I didn't have to go on any medicines, do any test the Lord has blessed us with another little baby!! We were so shocked, scared, suprised every word you could think when I found out thinking my babies won't even be a year apart! My loving husband reminded me that the Lord must have a plan for us and that this is what is meant to be and with that said we have open arms and are ready for what is to come and couldn't be happier parents!!! So needless to say we will be having a baby in August!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preston LOVES his bouncer!!

So lastnight Scott was playin with Preston and asked if we had anything we could put him in to stand up and I pulled out the bouncer and he LOVED it... I can't believe how fast they grow up, it makes me sad!! But I love the older stage with all there personality coming out it's so fun!!

Jaxx rockin him back and forth

Laughin at Grami!
Just chillin

He sure does love her!!

Ok im done!!!

Jaxx was lost!!

So I was just at home and I kept callin Jaxx's name and he wasn't answering so I went lookin for him and I found him under my serving table playing with daddy's tools and screws and level!! He sure does want to be like his dad!!

Dancing and Singing with Auntie Chels!

What can I say the pictures say enough! They had to much fun together, Jaxx was showin her how he singings so loud, they were shackin there butts, and getting Preston to sing it was so cute!! He loves his Auntie Chels!!!
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