Thursday, October 15, 2009

I must say I just LOVE these boys they are my everything!! Jaxx loves his little brother and is so good with him..
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

1 Month already!!

It all started Monday night around 10... I was laying in bed watching tv, when I started having CONTRACTIONS! They were about 15-20 minutes apart so i didn't think much of it but they HURT and there was LOTS pf pressure! They went on all night some closer together some further apart, I just kept thinking I am not in labor I am only 34 WEEKS.. So tried not to think much of it. The next morning came and my sister was heading back to Salt Lake so I went down to my moms to tell her by and I was still having the contractions, by this time they were like 7-10 minutes apart and were alot stronger but still I am only 34 WEEKS kept going through my head, so I told my mom all about the night and she could tell I was in pain so she said call your doctor and see when you can go in today I told her no I have my normal appointment tomorrow I will just wait till then!! Well moms knows BEST so I called the doctor at 9 and got they told me to come in at 10.. So I went home got ready and we headed to the doctor!! We got there and by this time they were 5 minutes apart and I could talk or move when I would have one, BUT they didn't feel like it did when I was in labor with Jaxx so I still didn't think I was in labor, he started measuring me and I was telling him about my night and it wasn't time to check me so he wasn't going to UNTIL he touched my stomach to make sure everything was ok he about sent me through the ROOF!!.. So he said I need to check you, so needless to say about 2 minutes later he was checking me I am laying on the table he looks up at me and SAYS "You are at a 6 no 7" I was in SHOCK I didn't think I heard him right I said "WHAT" He said " You are going right over to the hospital to have this baby NOW!!" So we got everything together left the doctors office and headed to the hospital, the whole way over I kept saying I am not ready for this I don't have a bag I don't have clothes for the baby I don't have them washed I still have 5 WEEKS!!! On the way to the hospital my mom called Scott and he was at the car dealership buying a new car for us so he finished up and headed over. We got the hospital at 12 they were waiting for me to come.. I went in changed my clothes, Everything happened so fast, they started the IV they were asking me all these questions, there was so many people in the room, doctors kept saying your baby will probably have to come with us when he is born don't be worried we will take care of him.. I was so scared felt so alone and was STILL in so much SHOCK, I have an anxiety attack finally Scott got there and they did the epidural, IT HURT so bad because I was so dialated my this time, THEN it wasn't working so I got even more nervous and thought I don't want to feel anything, so they had me sit up, lay roll over, side to side, FINALLY it started working, THEN it was time to push and TIME for the DOCTOR, so my doctor came in at 5:20 had me do a PRE push and out came the baby so he had to hold him in while he got everything ready then I did one more PUSH and the baby was OUT at 5:25!!! He was rushed off with some nurses, they brought him back for like a minute to do skin to skin, BUT he wasn't breathing so they took him away and I didn't get to see him till 11 that NIGHT!! He ended up having to be in the NICU for 2 weeks because he wouldn't eat on his own, BUT through all that he is doing GREAT!!!! We love him so much and I would go through it ALL over again to have my precious baby BOY!!! Thank you to everyone for the support, love and time you gave to me and my family! We love you all so much...