Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We went to dinner the other night and we thought
it would be funny to give Jaxxon a lemon.
He didn't care so much for it at first then when we
took it away he wanted more!!

Time Alone!!


My Best Friend

So cute my Parents

A couple weekends ago we decided to go on a Motorcylce ride out to Leeds to have breakfast at the Wagon Wheel it was so much fun. We took some back rodes to get there and just had a blast. You know people say that when you have kids your time with your husband is pretty much gone. I would kinda have to agree. So it was nice to get out together and just spend a little time alone. I wouldn't change my life for anything I love my kids and my husband!!

Big like my DADDY


What a STUD

I cant not tell you how much Scott loves
Jaxxon they have so much fun together.
The best part is that Scott finally has a
boy to do all the boy things with..

Friday, August 15, 2008


So I have to say that I was sad but excited at the same time for school to start. Ashlie was WAY excited to go back to school she couldn't wait!!! Trista not so excited, but when they got home from school that day she could not stop talking about how much fun she had how fun school is going to be this year and how much she likes her teacher. SO I have to say overall the 1st day of school was a success!!! I miss the girls during the day and so does there BROTHER he gets bored!

Ashlie in her new school out fit, she picked out..

Trista doesn't she look so cute..


Jaxxon thought he could go with them, so he wanted in the picture to..

Daddy and Jaxx

These are the 2 most IMPORTANT boys in my life. I LOVE them both so much!!


But I love this one so we were at my Aunts house and her daughter glasses were on the counter so i put them on Jaxxon and he loved it he didn't want to take them off he would get mad when we would it was so fun..

Friday, August 1, 2008


So Jaxxon is sitting up on his own so I put him on my bed so I could get some cleaning done, and my mom was there she was putting pillows in front of him asked me who's pillows they were and i said that one is daddies and of course he throw up on daddies pillow.. OOPS!! Daddy thought it was funny!!