Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Soon to be FOUR!!!

I can't believe it we are adding a new addition to the family. We are so excited, this will be my 2nd baby but I have 2 wonderful step kids who I love so much and we have them full time so they are like my own.. They are so excited to have another new brother or sister added to our family, they are just sad they have to wait so long!!! So I have to say I am excited but at the same time sad to because Jaxx won't be my little baby anymore it is getting all grown up and is going to be a BIG brother I can't believe it.... Again we are so excited and I will keep you updated on the details!!!


It has been so long since I have blogged... I am such a slacker I didn't even blog about the holidays, BUT we had a blast, first with Thanksgiving since we were in our house we did it at my house it was so fun it was the first time I had ever cooked a turkey let alone get it ready to cook that part was YUCKY! but I did it... Then Christmas, wow that was a blast to watch Jaxx open his presents he had alot of fun getting is new toys.. Then the New Year we had a good time we spent it wil family and friends and did our usual waffles at midnight, we had a really good time... Well enough about that I will try to keep up dates on everything to come. Jaxx is going to be a year and I can NOT believe it time flew by, but we are havin a big party so I will post lots of pictures.... Hope all is well with everyone who reads this and thanks for visiting my blog~~